Annual Registration Management Service (ARMS)

Annual Registration Management Service (ARMS) will manage, maintain and be responsible for the preparation, filing and maintaining of all information regarding the annual reports on our secured website for your review. ARMS will save you time and allow you to spend your time on more urgent matters. With the help of URS Compliance you will never have to pay for another Reinstatement fee for failure to file an annual report, therefore saving you money on legal fees and overhead expenses. Click on Request Information to learn more.

Our services include the following:

  • We will call each state and perform a Complimentary Status Check on each entity to determine if the Annual Report has been filed, when the next report is due and if it is in good standing. If we find any deficiencies, we will obtain the necessary forms to return the entity to good standing.
  • We will obtain, prepare, file, track and confirm the Annual Reports for each entity in each state prior to the due dates.
  • We will send completed Annual Report forms for approval to the customer prior to the due dates.
  • Once the Annual Report is approved, we will submit the Annual Report and advance all nominal filing fees to the appropriate state department.
  • We will track the filing to ensure each Annual Report is filed.

We will post all filing information to our secured website that you can access at your convenience with your username and password.

URS Annual Registration Management Service (ARMS) Compliance Process

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