Commercial Co-Venture Filing Management Service (CCVMS)

A commercial co-venturer (CCV) is a for-profit company that works with charities to conduct a charitable sales promotion or event of any kind which is advertised to benefit a charitable organization. Common types of cause related marketing partnerships could include, share of sales campaigns, buy one give one campaigns, co-branded merchandise, checkout donation campaigns, sponsored charity events, employee volunteer programs, matching gift programs or social influencer campaigns.

There are a few states that require for-profit businesses to obtain a commercial co-venture license with two that require a surety bond as part of the process. Several states require co-venturers to submit copies of the executed contract in addition to requiring specific language to be included in the wording of each campaign contract. Many states also require a financial report to be submitted at the conclusion of each campaign. The report would disclose the funds that are raised during the campaign period and the amount released to the charity. Generally, each individual campaign would require a separate contract filing and financial report to be filed.

Our Commercial Co-Venture Filing Management Service will help you determine the states where you should be registered. We will also advise of any other filing requirements based on the footprint of each specific campaign. Once you’re registered, we’ll handle all of the necessary annual renewals and periodic reporting. Click on Request Information to learn more.

Our services include the following:

  • We will obtain, prepare, file, track, confirm and manage your Commercial Co-Venture License Filings and maintain a database that includes all of your license information, which you’ll have access to in our client dashboard.
  • We will take care of filing the Contract filings and Notice of Solicitation for any new commercial co-venture/cause marketing campaigns.
  • We will take care of preparing and submitting all the required financial reporting filings for any new commercial co venture/cause marketing campaigns at the conclusion of each campaign.
  • We will advance nominal state fees.

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